December 1, 2010 at 12:32 am (lost, tv shows)

After six years, LOST has finally come to a conclusion. I haven’t been a die-hard LOST-fan from the beginning. In fact, I only managed to watch most of Season 1, part of Season 2 and then stopped. So when Season 3 aired, I was completely flabbergasted – what the hell was going on? I didn’t pursue the series any longer, and it finally lost its appeal when I was testing and reviewing the adventure game released after Season 3. Years later, this seems unfair. The game was pretty bad – not storywise, mind you, but in terms of steering the main character through the jungle. It was badly designed, technically totally horrible and, above all, it used a saving system usually encountered in Playstation games – that is, the game chose the point of saving itself. And this sucked. It took the fun out of the game. Above all, even with a high-end computer, the game wouldn’t run smoothly on my machine. For a person not really into LOST, this was a bad introduction, especially since the game required a lot of knowledge from the series. I could sense it was great stuff but the permutation was just plain awful.

In January 2010, I decided to give the series another shot. Most of my friends had told me how awesome it was, how cunning, how thrilling. So I borrowed Season 1 from a friend. What can I say – my boyfriend and myself got hooked. We watched all the episodes during a single weekend and were devestated when Season 1 ended since we didn’t have Season 2 in our possession. Luckily, aforementioned friend gave me Season 2 as a birthday present; with the money I received from my parents and grandparents for my birthday, I bought Seasons 3-5. To cut a long story short: We watched the first five seasons of LOST within, I guess, three months. Of course, I was longing for more, wanted to know how it all ended.

Finally, a German TV-station aired Season 6. My boyfriend braced himself and stated: “I won’t watch this until it’s being released on DVD. I hate commercials.” I still admire him for being so brave – I couldn’t have done this. When the first episode aired, I was glued to our TV, eager to find out how all those mysteries were going to be solved. Every Thursday, I hurried home to catch the double feature. And I have not been disappointed.

Granted, Season 6 is not as thrilling as, say, Season 3. But it’s still a great finale. It wraps up things quite nicely – not all of them, mind you. There are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered. But crucial questions like “Where does the smoke-monster come from” are being answered.

Ok. If you’ve read this far and haven’t watched Season 6 yet, STOP READING NOW. There are going to be spoilers. Lots of them. You don’t want to know how it all turns out unless you haven’t watched Season 6, so take my advice and STOP READING. This is where the spoilers begin.

Season 6 is kinda strange. It opens with a flashback to Season 5, Juliet pushing the button on the atomic bomb. In a sideflash, the island is shown to be sunken. WTF? Yes. Sunken. My first thought was that the atomic bomb had actually worked, that Oceanic 815 had never crashed, that this was a parallel universe. Boy, was I wrong. Throughout Season 6, the story on the island keeps developing. At the same time, we have those sideflashes showing us an alternate reality in which – brace yourselves – Sawyer is a cop, Sayid is still a killer, and Superdoc Jack tries to save Locke from the wheelchair. The Losties don’t know each other; they run into each other, however. It’s up to Desmond to reactivate their memories. Until the very last episode, I was convinced that the Losties had to perform some task on the island to be reunited in the alternate reality – which, in fact, turned out to be quite true, though in quite a different way than I expected.

There’s lots of drama going on in this Season. For example, Sun and Jin are reunited – finally! – only to be torn apart again. The episode in which the Losties are trying to escape using the submarine tore me up. Sayid sacrifices himself blowing up the bomb, Sun and Jin drown because they are trapped in the submarine. It was one of those moments that made me yell at the TV. “You bastards, you cannot do this! It’s not fair!” Alas – shouting at the TV doesn’t help much. People kept dying, people kept reuniting in the alternate world.

Overall, I loved Season 6. It had drama, it had tension, there was further character development with lots of “WTF?”-moments. The final episode had me glued to the TV, anxious to see how it all would turn out. Up to the last 10 minutes, I was hooked.

The last 10 minutes of the series’ finale were… strange. I still don’t know if I like the solution presented. Finding out that all of the Losties had died at some point in time was.. weird. At the same time, it felt right. You see, in the sideflashes, all of the Losties realised that they had been dead except for Jack. Jack just needed some more time to finish his business on the island, to fulfill his destiny. Only then was he prepared to face death. He fnally arrives at the church where all the other Losties have already assembled. He meets his father who’s long time dead, telling him that he, also, is dead. We see this and at the same time we see Jack in the jungle on the island, dying. Beautiful. In the end, all the Losties walk through a brightly lit door – supposedly, they’re ascending to heaven. All of them except for Ben who’s still outside the church, tending to some unfinished business.  The show ends as it has begun – with Jack’s eye, except that now it’s closing. Forever.

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