Well, well, well… let’s see, what is it that I could tell you about myself? I’m neither a mad scientist trying to gain power over all the world nor am I an immortal being – sad, I know. Since I’m neither, I am quite content with what I am – right now, that’s an unemployed journalist trying to brush up on her French. Oh well. Could be worse.

Currently, I’m working for the Austrian Medical Chamber – a pretty good and interesting job. Every day, there’s something new, and everyday, I have to face another challenge. I love it. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do, and after a couple of jobs, I feel I’ve finally arrived.

Before, I worked for a magazine focussing on travelling in Austria – great job, but unfortunately, the magazine didn’t make it. I had a great time, though. I got to travel to Vorarlberg, testing splendid hotels and spas; I got to interview interesting people, I got to write stories that had been on my mind for quite some time. Alas, it didn’t work out; the magazine went bankrupt and I figured it’d be a good time to look for something else. After only a week into unemployment, I stumbled upon the advert for a job at the Austrian Medical Chamber, applied for the job, got an interview and the job. Sweet.

Before working for the travelling magazine, I was second chief-editor of a customer magazine called “Frisch gekocht”. No use to go into detail why this didn’t work out and why I had to leave after only 10 months… let’s just say this job has been filled five times during the last three years. Before working there, I was a journalist with a local daily newspaper based in Salzburg. I’m glad I left that behind. Why? Because being a journalist can be really tiring and often requires low morals, good nerves and the ability to switch off any emotions when confronted with desaster, murder and abuse. The hardest thing I had to do during my career as a journalist was probably to talk to the mother of an 8-year-old girl who had been abused by a neighbour for years – the guy got one year in prison so the mother was, understandably so, quite upset when she called to tell her side of the story. If you think that was hard, here’s more: The woman handed the phone over to the little girl so I could talk to her as well. Now, how do you talk to a little girl who has been abused by a perverted guy for years? And how do you talk to people who have just lost their son in a car accident? It was tasks like these that made me realise I was in the wrong business; I cannot switch off my emotions when confronted with evils like child abuse but have to do so in order to write a decent, balanced article. I have to switch off my emotions whenever the chief editor thinks it’s appropriate, whenever a story arises that might gain the readers’ attention. I didn’t want to do that any longer and set out to find a new challenge – not as easy as it may sound.

To make things worse, my boss’s brother who owned the paper I was working for told me that they were unable to keep me any longer due to financial problems – not that this was an especially dramatic event. Of course it took me by surprise but I’m actually quite happy that I became a victim of financial circumstances – I wanted to leave anyway, the job was no longer enjoyable, and, above all, I despised my boss but that’s a different story.

I stopped working for the newspaper based in Salzburg in December 2007, packed up all my stuff and moved to Vienna – partly because my boyfriend lives here as well, partly because the job market is a lot more active and larger than it is in Salzburg. There are more jobs to apply for; unfortunately, there’s also much more competition. But competitors can be beaten 😀

Enough about me, now. Time to get this blog rolling.

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