Polterabend a.k.a. Wedding-Eve-Party

August 22, 2012 at 8:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok, let me get this straight: Even though it’s called a wedding-eve-party, we didn’t do it the evening before our wedding – way too exhausting. I mean, let’s face it: Who can drink all night, get up at 8 a.m., go to the hairdressers, get dressed, and get married without suffering from a severe hangover? Right. Not many people. Also, we’re way too old to do that *g*  So we decided to have that special night two weeks before the wedding – my fiance went out with his pals and I had a wonderful evening with the girls.

Problem was, my sister arrived a day earlier and we had some beer to get in the mood – ok, too much beer, to be honest.  I was slightly hungover the next day, felt sick to my stomach and decided that it’d be a great idea to take a nap. At 3 p.m., just about an hour before the girls arrived, I felt pretty good and started to dress up – you do want to look nice on your wedding-eve-party, don’t you? When the girls started to arrive, we decided we’d stick to non-alcoholic beverages for a start – didn’t last long, mind you. When everybody had gotten to our flat, we started to make Hugos – THE summer drink in Austria this year, consisting of champagne, mineral water, juice of elderberries, some lime, ice, and a leaf of mint. Very refreshing, I tell ya. Another problem arose: We started making Hugos at about 5 p.m., but were supposed to be picked up by the stretch limo half an hour later. So we gulped down our drinks and took some pictures. Here’s one of them:

And then it was time to leave the flat and enter the stretch limo. Yes, a stretch limo. I insisted on it because I always wanted to ride in such a thing. Also, when we booked it, I talked to my sister and basically told her “Look – they got stretch limos in black, white, and pink”. Of course, I preferred pink – and my sister (who’s also my maid of honour) thought it’d be a great idea to rent the pink stretch Cadillac. I was the last to get down to the street so I missed the expressions on my friends’ faces when they saw the pink car, but you can probably imagine how some of them stared at it when you look at this picture:

After some instructions from the driver – don’t fill the glasses up to the rim because there might be an emergency braking, don’t stick your butts out of the window (as if anybody would to THAT *ts*) – we took off for an 1,5 hour ride through Vienna. And boy, it was FUN!!! We had brought CDs with selected music to play and rode the pink car around Vienna, playing Bon Jovi, The Barenaked Ladies, John Denver, Danzig, Def Leppard, and more, toasting the passengers and taking pictures in front of the Hofburg. We loved it! You should have seen the expressions on pedestrians’ and drivers’ faces as we drove by – a lot of people actually took pictures and stared in amazement.

Too soon, the ride was over and the driver dropped us off at Schwedenplatz – and just as we arrived, another group of girls arrived in a bus, also being on a wedding-eve-party. “Hey, where’s your bride? Oh, there you are – you need to drink some Jägermeister with our bride!” Ok, here we go… 😀 I don’t like Jägermeister much but I can’t let another bride down, right?

Because one cannot live on alcohol alone, we crashed into an Indian restaurant and filled our stomachs with delicious food. Onward to a cocktail bar for some – you might have guessed – cocktails. I liked the bar but it was a bit too moody (both in illumination and music)  for a girls’ night out so we decided to drink up and head to a karaoke bar located in the first district. This one turned out to be a disappointment – very crowded, very sticky air, so we decided to go to another karaoke bar, located in the eigth district. This one proved to be a good pick. Not only did they serve great beer – Stiegl -, it also wasn’t that crowded and the other singers were much worse than us. After our first beer, we decided to enter the stage to perform Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”. As it turned out, karaoke is a lot of fun – well, at least for four of us, the other half of the group decided to rate our performance and endure the others’ dreadful *uhm* “singing”. In the end, we stayed until 5.30 a.m. and performed songs like “Breaking the law” by Judas Priest, “Hard Rock Hallelujah” by Lordi and “Sex Bomb” by Tom Jones. It’s pretty addictive, I tell ya – once you get over your initial stage fright, you want more and more and more… Unfortunately, other people thought the same – people who couldn’t sing at all. The worst performance was delivered by a guy who thought he could do “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana – not THAT difficult to sing, really, but he messed up. Totally.

Anyway – at about 5.30 a.m. we called a taxi and headed back home where my sister and myself drank another beer (0k – half a beer, we were already wasted) before going to bed. I didn’t sleep much that night but boy, it was totally worth it. I’m blessed to have such good friends. Thanks, girls. This was one night to remember 🙂

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