The Blind Dead 5

June 8, 2012 at 11:30 pm (movies)

“Night of the Blood Cult” starts – classicaly – with a scene from the golden days when the Templars were alive and chirpy. Cut, the present. A young doctor and his beloved wife move to a small village in Spain, the houses look like heaps of stone. The villagers are even worse: not very talkative, hostile, and repulsive. To make things even worse, they’re aiding the evil Templars who claim virgins every seven years. Also, they – and this doesn’t make them any more likeable – beat the idiot of the village who seeks refuge with the young couple. Things go as they always do: The young couple meddles with the villagers’ business, defying all omens and warnings because the life of  a young girl is at stake – a young girl who’s been tied to a rock at the beach by the villagers, awaiting her dreadful fate clad in a tiny white sheet.

Our young doctor isn’t impressed by the approaching Templars, cuts the girl’s shackles and runs off with her . Cut: The villagers, though not very talkative but clearly equipped with a sixth sense, leave the village. Cut: Our hero and the maid are positioned in the doctor’s kitchen. Confusion: When did they escape? How? Where are the Templars?

Templar afficionados know: The rotting chaps won’t be far away. They are aided by the villagers who steal our heroes’ car. It’s a scandal! What to do? There’s only one thing: nail up windows and doors! But this won’t hold back our Templars, oh no! They find a way into the house, one of them burning up on the way. We have to witness how the Templars slaughter the village idiot and how the remaining heroes flee to the house’s roof – there’s a way out. To heighthen the tension, the wife all of a sudden displays fear of heights (we’re on the first floor), becomes hysterical and refuses to climb down: “I’ll stay here!” That being said, she turns to the attic (on the first floor!!) but, oh no, the Templars have already realised what’s going on and are slowly approaching our heroine.  Squealing, cries for help, and out the window she goes. Her husband, already pretty stressed out, advises her: “Stop squealing and jump down!” Oh, what a guy!

Seconds of squabbling later, our heroes mount the Templars’ horses. This can’t be good. The beasts have their own mind and want to go back to the castle. Following the rider’s orders? You bet. While galopping in slow motion across the beach, a virgin plummets into the sea and is being slaughtered by the Templars while our heroic couple arrives at the stronghold. Here, they are awaited by a committe – yes, that’s right, more Templars! The couple flees into a room which turns out to be a temple – easily discerned by the idol which has the doctor mutate into an expert of anthropology in seconds. It’s all clear now: His beloved wife is the next victim *gasp* The young woman from the village has broken the Templars’ rigid laws and is no longer worthy of being sacrificed. And that idol! A sea monster, according to our heroic doctor who already has a cure at hand: destruction. Destroy the ugly fish-like statue.  It’s getting pretty exciting again because some Templars seem to have overslept all the action and now rise from their graves. But, alas, the idol crumbles. The Templars crumble as well and – for excitement – bleed from their eyesockets. Cut to the beach: Here we find some more sorry remnants of the evil Templars. Cut. Fin.

You see: Amando de Ossorio has raised the excitement movie to movie. While part 1 focussed on escaping the Templars during one night, part 4 focusses on tragedy and drama: the poor village idiot who is beaten up for no apparent reason; the non-communicating villagers who are also very hostile to strangers and who are terrorized by the blood-thirsty Templars; the despairing parents who lost their daughters to the Templars, etc. The Templars are not the main focus. They are granted rare but yet effective appeareances. And: more blood!

Before I finish, I’d like to give you a little piece of advice: Don’t watch these movies by yourself. Grab some friends, some crisps, some popcorn, some beer and have an entertaining evening of trash!

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