The Blind Dead 2

June 8, 2012 at 9:39 pm (movies)

The first sequel, “Return of the  Blind Dead” (a.k.a. “Die Rückkehr der reitenden Leichen”, a.k.a. “Ataque de los muertos sin ojos”) is at least as entertaining as the first movie (although without a lesbian scene – sorry, guys). That the director only had a limited budget at his hand is demonstrated in an Ed Wood-kind of manner: The resurrection of the Templars in part 2 has been copied from part 1, including the music – and it also was used in part 4. “Why hasn’t it been used in part 3, did Ossorio have more money for making that one?”, you might ask now. No. It’s pretty simple. Part 3 is located on a ship and is thus named, quite appropriately, “Ship of Zombies”. Pretty difficult to include a cemetary on a ship and it surely would boost the fun. And let’s be honest: With movies this absurd, no one gives a damn.

Regarding part 2, I just want to say this: The location is – yes, you guessed right! – the old ruined building from part 1, but nearby there is – miraculous because it didn’t feature in part 1 – a village where the execution and blinding of the evil Templars are celebrated on a regular basis. How nasty. This is a cry for vengeance, isn’t it?  The Templars, however, behave surprisingly polite: They knock at the first house they encounter. With their swords and time-delayed sound, meaning: You can hear the pounding of their sword hilts even before they hit the wood of the doors. Great, isn’t it? And because we’re talking trash movies here, we go easy on the details. Or have you ever encountered a Knight Templar with an Ankh sign on his garment instead of the typical red cross?

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