Moving on

January 17, 2011 at 9:59 pm (living)

We got a new flat. Ho0ray! The strange thing about this is how quickly we found it. We started searching last week – Wednesday, to be exact. We browsed through some advertisements for flats, wrote a couple of e-mails to some real estate agents and set dates for examining the flats on Thursday. On Friday, we went to see the first flat, and boy, was it awesome! It had everything – a huge bathroom (with a bathtub AND a shower, with additional space for cupboards and the washing machine), a huge kitchen (with a dishwasher – A DISHWASHER! We’ll never have to clean our dishes the old way! Yay!), a loggia, two rooms, a spare room for storing stuff, a room in the cellar for storing yet more stuff and another room downstairs to store our bikes. We fell in love with that flat on first sight, yet we figured it would be reasonable to go and see more flats – because reason says that you cannot (or should not) take the first flat you come across. So we went to see another one that actually looked pretty good – on the photographs. In reality, there was a huge crack in the livingroom’s wall and the dirtiest kitchen I’ve ever seen (apart from a house in Moss Side, Manchester, that I visitied in 1995). No good. Up to that point, we had already made an appointment to go and see two more flats on Tuesday but since we kept talking about the first flat all Friday – and, in fact, started to equip it with all kinds of stuff in our mind – we decided to ring up the real estate agent on Saturday, telling her that we’d take the flat. Yay! This Thursday, we’ll sign the contract. There’s a lot of work ahead – moving stuff, getting rid of stuff, buying new furniture etc. But it’s fun, and it’s very exciting since this is the first time we actually set up a flat together. Boy, I can hardly wait for it to start. This is basically our ideal flat – close to the city center (it takes me about 12 minutes to get to work which is great in Vienna), vibrant but at the same time very secluded. This will be fun. This will be great. It’s an upgrade to our current flat, and even though the rent is pretty high we will be able to manage. And Ikea will make a bunch of money when we buy all our new furniture 🙂

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  1. desenfrenada said,

    Stuff does not always have to be hard (like finding a perfect flat)…

    I’m happy for you, and if you need a day of help with moving, let me know!

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