Gone too soon

April 19, 2010 at 9:20 pm (metal and hardrock, music, working life)

I’ve stated in my last entry that things sometimes happen pretty fast, especially in journalism – you always need to be up-to-date, react quickly to new developments, get the news out and such. But sometimes things happen a little too fast for my taste. For the last nine months, I’ve been writing for a travel magazine which was a lot of fun, actually – I got to travel through Austria, stay in awesome hotels for doing my research, and I was allowed to write cool articles without any restrictions whatsoever. Shortly before Easter, things got a bit rough, though, and we were all quite anxious whether the magazine would make it or not – being new in the market with only three issues out there and potential clients having not much money to invest, things looked rather bleak. Nonetheless, I went to Burgenland for a one-week-research (golf – a lot of fun, actually! -, wellness, Nordic Walking and such), thinking that maybe upon my return the magazine might have died. And guess what. It did. I was offered the opportunity to work for the company but online, i.e. write articles for an online platform. There were several reasons why I turned this offer down, one being that I just didn’t feel comfortable with the job description – the idea was that I went out to towns and villages, gathering material about them and writing an article about them. No big deal, really, and not much different from what I’ve done before. But here’s the catch: Only articles the towns and villages paid for would be published. So it all depended on the money. Again. With the demise of the magazine, I couldn’t bring myself to believe in the online magazine – I simply couldn’t believe that what hadn’t worked in print would work online. Maybe time will show that I have erred but at present, it felt best to pull out and go jobhunting again. I still feel this was the right decision and am quite comfortable with it. Also, I already have several job applications out there; more will follow and I’m sure that another job opportunity is just lurking around the corner, waiting for me to grab it.

Speaking of things and people gone too soon, not only the demise of the magazine shocked me numb last week – ok, “shocked” might be too strong a word here because I felt it coming. Anyway. Last week held another bad surprise in store not only for me but for metal fans all over the world – Type O Negative bass player, singer and frontman Pete Steele died surprisingly, supposedly of heart failure. No warning there, just rumours in the morning of April 15th and the band’s confirmation later that day. Now, I’m not what you may call a huge Type-O-fan; never have been. But I loved their music and Steele’s voice, and my first thought when reading the news was “No way. This sucks. Must be another hoax like they put up in 2005. Can’t be true”. Unfortunately, it is true so let me cite Iron Maiden before finishing this entry: Only the good die young, all the evil seem to live forever.

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