Summer Storm

July 23, 2009 at 4:12 pm (metal and hardrock, music)

While writing this, I’m still thinking of an appropriate title for this posting simply because it’s very hard to describe in only a few words what – or rather: who – happened yesterday. Let’s just say that I saw one of the best concerts in my life – and if my friends hadn’t told me about it resp. gone off and bought the tickets I might just as well have missed it. By now you might be wondering what/who I’m talking about. Just in case you  might think I went to see Lady GaGa who performed in Vienna yesterday: No. I’d rather drop dead than go to one of her shows.  Instead, I preferred and enjoyed the absolutely amazing, stunning and awesome concert by Tarja Turunen. What an amazing performer and outstanding, talented singer. Even though she’s no longer with Nightwish, she clearly has a lot of fans – the venue (Szene Wien) was crammed with people who just couldn’t get enough and cheered her on. Tarja herself was obviously in a very good mood, smiled a lot, kept blowing kisses to the audience and clearly had a good time herself. I must admit I was surprised that she rocked – I had listened to some of her solo material before and thought it was rather calm so I expected an equally calm evening. I was mistaken – the tour’s title “Summer Storm” turned out to be very appropriate. After 1,5 hours, my clothes were dripping with sweat (have I already mentioned that we have a really, really, really hot summer in Vienna this year?) – and not just because the temperature in the room was about 40 °C 🙂 This woman is absolutely wonderful; if you ever get a chance to see her live, be sure not to miss out on this great experience. Clearly one of the best concerts so far.

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