Enough’s enough!

June 5, 2009 at 6:46 pm (sexism, society)

When having read this posting to the end, you  might think that all I ever do is complain about other people. But enough’s enough! I’m fed up with people posting on newspapers’ boards, spreading their sexism, racism and whatever other -ism you can come up with. I’m fed up with male users who think that every single institution supporting women and/or young girls is a threat to them; males who seem to believe that feminism is all about hating men; males who can do nothing but whine about their miserable lives – and of course, it’s women who are responsible for their misery, who else? I’ve really had enough of this and I have nothing but contempt for these guys who, additionally, seem to indulge in their role as board trolls.

Why this posting? Simple: A couple of days ago, derstandard.at posted an article about a center for young girls in Vienna – a center for girls only, no males allowed because in this special district of Vienna, young girls have few places to themselves, especially if they’re from families who immigrated – the girls mostly aren’t allowed to visit youth centers for both sexes. This center simply wants to give these girls a place where they can meet, talk, read, learn how to defend themselves, socialize. Of course, you could say that this is a concession to immigrants and their culture but no one says that girls born here cannot visit this center. And how, do you think, does the average community member on derstandard.at react? They feel threatened. Threatened by a center for young girls. They keep wailing that there’s no such center for young boys (they’re welcome to establish one – oh wait, that would mean work!) and that if there were such a center for young males, people would criticize it as being sexist. Because, in their tiny black-and-white world, males are the oppressed sex. Oppressed by feminists, left-wing politicians, women – you name it. They twist the very idea of feminism, turning it into a tool of sexism and stating that feminists a) hate males and b) are therefore sexists who c) want to abolish all differences between the sexes, who d) claim equal rights but refrain from doing equal duty and who e) don’t go to work because they are either not well-trained (because women are stupid and/or not capable of studying, say, something technical) or because they’re only studying in order to meet a rich guy who can look after them, bring home the money and whom they can divorce after having had at least 2 children so the guy has to pay and end up in poverty.

I don’t make this up. There really are people out there who think this way; people who obviously must have made some traumatizing experiences or are just plain sexists, hiding behind the mask of “Oh but I do want equal rights for both sexes, in fact I am a feminist and you’re not”. These people, posting using different nicknames, swamp the boards with their bullshit, are absolutely resistant to valid arguments and block discussion. Even though I know these people are trolling, they bother me because to me, they seem to reflect a certain status of our society. They make me realize that we still have a long way to go if we ever want to gain equal rights and duties for both sexes.

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  1. dementiadaily said,

    Don’t feed the trolls, girl! They’re gonna burp and fart if they get too much food and stink the board in question up even more.
    Ok, seriously, I hardly ever read such message boards, so I’m shocked to hear that there are STILL people who think like that. O_o Poor bastards. The world must be such a horrible place if it’s seen only in black and white. Hooray for shades of gray!
    And don’t let it bother you too much ^^ Not good for the nerves and you only give em what they want.

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