Grow up!

May 7, 2009 at 3:41 pm (culture, star trek)

It’s strange how some people react to such an innocent thing such as the latest Star Trek movie: On the board of an Austrian daily newspaper, someone actually advised people to “grow up”, another one stated that things like Star Trek are “for daft people or immature girls and boys but never for a thinking person”. Wow. Such arrogance always astounds me while at the same time I cannot help but grin, shake my head and pity the poor person who wrote this. Not because they might miss out on a great movie (I haven’t seen it yet) but because their level of tolerance is very, very low. Because they live in a world completely revolving about acting all grown up. Because they obviously have lost their imagination. Because they come across as very bitter, very grumpy persons who have not much fun in their lives – or who have a very different concept of fun. And because I detest people who think theirs is the only valid opinion, people who feel obliged to tell others what to do, how to behave.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s okay if someone doesn’t like Star Trek. Or Star Wars. Or Indiana Jones. You name it. Different opinions are valuable, and let’s face it: If every person on this planet would have the same taste in movies, music, books… the world would become a very boring place. So different opinions and tastes are a good thing. However, what I cannot tolerate are people telling me to grow up simply because I happen to like something they cannot or do not want to understand, something they don’t approve of. I simply fail to see how not watching X-Men-movies or Die Hard makes me less of an adult, how painting my face when going to a Kiss concert is childish behaviour, how playing computer games is only for kids and teens. A guy I knew once told me he doesn’t approve of me playing computer games – mind you, he wasn’t my boyfriend, just an acquaintance I got along quite well with. I still think he had other intentions but whatever tiny chance he had with me, he smashed with that comment. Even if I don’t approve of another person’s hobby, who am I to tell them I think they’re wasting their time? Who, on earth, determines how an adult person should act? Who determines how a person my age – 35 – is supposed to behave? Is there a rule that prevents people my age from going to heavy metal concerts or playing computer games? No? Thought so.

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