Our little Pussycat – Kiss Alive 35

May 14, 2008 at 8:50 pm (culture, metal and hardrock, music)

Monday, May 12th, 2008 A.D., will forever be one of the most memorable days in my life. Because for the first time ever (and probably for the last time, given their age) I’ve seen KISS live on stage. It’s been over ten years since the band favoured Europe with a tour; since they’re celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, the band obviously thought it was about time to enter European stages again. And so they played in Vienna for the first time in, well, years. It was almost perfect. They blew everybody away – not only because they had lots and lots of pyrotechnics but by their sheer presence and power. Remember: These are guys in their fifties, almost sixties. I know – The Rolling Stones are much, much older. Still. I’m always impressed when guys who could be my dads have more energy and fitness than I do.

KISS played for about 2,5 hours; their setlist included the complete “Alive”-album – those of you who are familiar with the album know what gems are featured on it. Starting with Deuce and Strutter from their first album, the band played classic after classic, including Hotter than Hell, Firehouse, Parasite, C’mon and Love Me, Rock Bottom and Black Diamond. Of course, we also got to hear Rock and Roll all Nite as well as Lick it Up and Detroit Rock City. I told you: almost perfect. Almost, because good old Paul seemed to have some issues with his voice during the last bonus tracks. He didn’t manage to reach the higher-pitched sections of the songs anymore but to be honest: I was so fascinated and enthusiastic that I barely noticed.

There are lots of memorable things about this concert. Of course, Mr. Simmons spit blood and took to a little platform high above the stage, suspended only by strong wire. He spit fire as well and did, of course, the tongue thing – we got everything we expected and more. One of the coolest moments was probably all the people in the hall singing Happy Birthday for drummer Eric Singer who turned 50 that day. Sounds old for a rock musician? Au contraire – at 50, Eric is still the youngest member of the band – sort of the pet of the family. Maybe that’s why Paul kept referring to him as “our little pussycat” respectively “catboy”. Also, Eric got to sing a couple of songs which he did surprisingly well. Each member had his very own moment – Tommy Thayer got to do a long guitar solo, including him “shooting” fire from his guitar, Gene had his blood-spitting demon-moment, Eric entertained us with a drum solo. And Paul, as a special treat, also took off and floated over the heads of the audience, just to land on a small platform in the middle of the hall where he kept on performing. And he smashed his guitar while Gene and Tommy were being elevated on platforms, playing on. Yeah. Perfect entertainment and rock ‘n’ roll for only 60 euros – sounds like a lot of money but it was definitely worth it. To the very last cent. Not convinced? Here’s a video on YouTube some nice person calling himself “arashderkiller” decided to share with the rest of us:

Oh. I’ve almost forgotten the most important thing – ok, maybe not the most important but a funny thing: We decided it would be fun to paint our faces as well. Here  are some pictures of what that looked like:

The first picture shows the four of us already dressed up and ready to rock; from right to left: my boyfriend Werner, my sister Steffi, our friend Andi (who refrained from painting his face due to a case of death in the family) and myself. The second picture was taken after the concert – you can probably tell by Steffi’s tired eyes. She actually chose Eric Carr’s make-up – not because she’s such a huge fan of him but because she didn’t want to look like “our little pussycat”. And Gene and Paul’s make-ups were already taken. Andi had planned to look like Ace Frehley but, as I already said, refrained from doing so in the end. But his Peter-Criss-shirt looks great as well, eh? 🙂 The third picture shows Werner and me posing – yes, we’re good at it 😉 And if KISS should ever return to our stages – they announced they’d be back next year but we’ll have to wait and see – we’ll paint our faces again. Even if some bimbo should call us “superfreaks” again. To hell with it. This is KISS.


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