Hooray! Working again!

May 5, 2008 at 5:03 pm (working life)

Finally: The search is over. Last week, I’ve had a call that I’ve been accepted on a job I had applied for, work started on Friday, May 2nd. It feels really, really good to be part of the “working class” again, especially since it’s a job I hadn’t counted on. See, I had applied for it in January and never heard anything at all – until two weeks ago I received an e-mail out of the blue asking me if I was still interested and would like to show up for an interview. Of course I was still interested and had time for an interview which turned out to be really nice and made me feel very comfortable. Five days later, I received the call that I had been accepted. Of course, I was on cloud number 9 for the rest of the day – and I must admit I fell into some kind of shopping frenzy (you do need new clothes and shoes when starting a new job, right? 😉 )

After only two days on the job I have a feeling that this will be not only fun but very rewarding and challenging as well. I never thought that I’d work for a customer magazine, dealing with cooking recipes and articles on wellness, but you can never foresee what the future holds in store for you, can you?  We’ll see how this turns out in the future but my guts tell me that it was the right decision to accept this offer – not only because the payment is a lot better than on my last job but also because the people I’m working with seem to be very nice and the job itself seems to be, as I already said, very challenging without overtaxing me by asking too much. I’m glad I’ve had almost five years of experience in journalism so now I’m ready to take on more responsibility. Hooray!

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  1. Hope said,

    HUZZAH for you, 9-to-5-girl!
    Gratuliere zum neuen Job, du bist deutlich häuslicher geworden seit…
    naja… damals, in den guten, älteren Tagen! 😉

    Wirst du uns auch hier auf dem Laufenden halten was sich bei dir so tutet?
    Dann abonnier ich mir dein Blog nämlich glei mal. 😀

    LG aus Carinthien,

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