Back from the (Un)Dead

March 13, 2008 at 3:07 pm (Adventure Games, Guy Gavriel Kay, Introduction, Literature)

This is pretty embarrasing, but I completely forgot about this blog – shame on me. Now it’s time to resurrect it from the dead  and see if there’s more to it than a zombie-like existence (not that I have anything against zombies, quite on the contrary – great guys when you get to know them a little better).

For starters, let’s just say that it’s a nice and bright day, that I’m still unemployed (have been so for almost 3 months now) and that leaving Salzburg was probably the best decision I could have made. Vienna, my new home, has just much more to offer, and yes, it’s also a lot windier than Salzburg used to be. I’m still not quite sure what this blog is going to be about; since I’m currently playing a lot of computer games (that’s an advantage when you’re unemployed – you got all the time in the world to pursue your hobbies), I might just as well talk a little about those and scare away anybody who might accidentally stumble upon this site 🙂

 Just a short note on the name of this blog: It derives from one of my favourite books, The Lions of Al-Rassan by Canadian author Guy Gavriel Kay (my personal god, as far as literature is concerned). If you haven’t read the book by now, go out there, grab a copy (or order it online) and read it. You won’t regret it, it’s great stuff, wonderful characters, intruiging storyline – no, I’m not getting paid for advertising it 🙂 I’m just enthusiastic and get carried away easily when it comes to really good literature. Having said that, I think Mr. Kay’s books might also make great adventure games…  you can tell that clearly I’m playing far too many of those games. Currently, I’m trying to solve the mystery of The Awakened – it’s a Sherlock Holmes adventure (usually, I’m not really into detective stories) dealing with a mysterious, and, yes, dangerous Cthulhu sect trying to resurrect The Great One. So far, I’ve come across a wonderful statue of good old Cthulhu:


Isn’t he just adorable? Cthulhu’s Mini-Me, cast in silver, was lying on the floor, just waiting for Mr. Holmes to grab it. The great detective, however, has so far failed to connect the statue, the strange poetry and the even stranger tattooed guy in Switzerland to the name of Cthulhu; in fact, the name hasn’t been spoken yet in the game. I guess there are just no Lovecraft books around Baker Street – which isn’t surprising since the game is set in 1894 and HP Lovecraft wrote the bulk of his works in the 1930s. More on the game after I’ve finished it.

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